Mindfulness is a way to observe the self and thoughts, and helps people find what they need in their minds. People suffer for reasons such as anxiety, depression, and grief. They may feel suffering in situations, events, and from objects, and yet what brings the suffering are thoughts. People’s thoughts create a perspective to see the world, and through those thoughts, suffering arises in their minds. By observing the self, people are able to look at their thoughts, defuse them from the situation, and rebuild a new pattern which brings an ideal life by choosing beneficial thoughts.

          My art works contain symbolic representations of thoughts to encourage mindfulness. A felt tube is a path of thoughts, and the works with those tubes express that people have many thoughts at a moment, and the thoughts keep flowing in people’s minds moment to moment. Rings and lines of embroidery represent thoughts, and those embroidery paintings show the complex system of a mind with layers of fabric. The intention of my art is to be a mirror to reflect thoughts and to explore a way to be mindful.